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1959 - Dr. Joseph J. Coleman shaving with a battery-operated razor


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September 25, 1959

Shaving with a battery-operated razor, Dr. Joseph J. Coleman, vice president for engineering of Burgess Battery Company, demonstrates the ever-widening versatility of the modern dry battery.

In the background are nearly 200 types of widely used dry batteries, representing the more than 3,000 different sizes and shapes of dry cell units developed by Burgess over the years to meet the changing requirements for portable, packaged electrical power.

Through its design counseling service to scientists, industrial engineers, and home workshop inventors, the company has assisted in the creation of thousands of new battery-powered devices.

The batteries in this picture are used to operate such products as flashlights, lanterns, signals, portable radios, hearing aids, industrial testing instruments, communications equipment, burglar alarms, toys and air-sea rescue equipment. 

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Burgess Battery Company

National Museum of American History


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