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1967 - NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center's electronic framing camera


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June 8, 1967

Electronic framing camera, built by Avco’s Space Systems Division (Lowell, Mass.) for NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center (Houston, Texas) can take eight photographs in variable sequences and exposures ranging from one millionth to one-hundred-millionth of a second.

High-speed system is designed for photography and spectroscopy of phenomena associated with high energy impacts of simulated micrometeorites.

Technician adjusts lens through which light is split into eight segments, each channeled to an image converter shutter.

Additional lens on tripod permits close focusing on new spacecraft materials samples in white box on table.

Film plates along edge of camera can use regular Polaroid film for quick evaluation of test firings.

Camera and light source has a 25-foot remote control capability. A number of high-speed diagnostic camera are currently under development by Avco. 

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