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1942 - final check-up by H. Walter Berkley on the Grand Coulee Damís second 108,000-kilowatt generator


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Westinghouse engineer H. Walter Berkley is giving salient parts of Grand Coulee Damís second 108,000-kilowatt generator a final check-up before giving the order that will send the output of the huge hydro-electric unit surging through the government power grid to national defense industries in the Pacific Northwest.

The engineer is shown examining metering and protective current transformers which are vital to operation of the big machine.

The giant generator is scheduled to go to work in mid-January. Another machine of similar size has been supplying vital energy since early October. A third is expected to go into operation in the spring.

Meanwhile, skilled craftsmen at the Westinghouse works at East Pittsburgh, Pa., are rushing construction of three more of the mammoth power producers. 

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National Museum of American History


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