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no date - Thomas Edison with an Edison Effect bulb, in Building One, West Orange, N.J.




no date

Thomas Alva Edison (appears to be inside his laboratory)

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Curator Comment 2.14.2008

Photograph of Thomas Edison with an 'Edison Effect' bulb, in Building One, West Orange, N.J.

It has to date from the 1910s - the small lamp to the left would not have that envelope shape in the 20's and the one on the table next to his elbow is a Mazda B modified for experimental work. They were developed in 1910-11. The tips also went away around 1923. The one hanging from the ceiling looks like a typical c1915 Mazda B too.

Hal Wallace, Curator-NMAH Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of American History


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