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1938 - giant light bulb, with 960 incandescent electric lights, 14 feet high, will surmount the $100,000 Edison Memorial Tower


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Edison, Thomas A.

February 1938

This giant light bulb, 14 feet high, will surmount the $100,000 Edison Memorial Tower at Menlo Park, New Jersey, in commemoration of the invention of the incandescent electric light.

The giant bulb was completed early in November at the Corning Glass Works where a crew of expert workers took eight months to finish the job.

In preparing the bulb for shipment more than 6,000 pounds of Pyrex glass were fitted over a curved steel skeleton weighing three tons.

When finally set up the bulb will be outfitted with 960 incandescent electric lights with a 24-inch reflector to be utilized as an airplane beacon.  

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Corning Glass Works

National Museum of American History


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