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1946 - Whirlbeater, an all purpose mixer


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Electric Appliances & Apparatus

JUN 22 1946

A new all-purpose electric mixer, the "Whirlbeater", is proving to be a valuable aid to housewives. Made of light-weight, tough ethyl cellulose plastic, this mixer is easily held in one hand.

An eight foot extension cord permits ample movement around the kitchen.

No special mixing bowls are necessary -- various recipes can be mixed, whipped, beat, and stirred in jars, small and large pans, or even in glasses.

Because it is made of ethyl cellulose plastic the casing will not crack or chip even under sharp impact and is wear-resistant.

The beater and shaft are stainless steel. 

Original Caption by Science Service
"Whirlbeater" made by A.C. Gilbert Co.
Hercules Powder Company

National Museum of American History


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