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1942 - huge porcelain-clad conductors act much the same as spark plugs


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Electric Circuits

February 25, 1942

Each year, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation builds thousands of these giant "spark plugs," or condenser bushings, for installation on circuit breakers and transformers.

The porcelain-clad conductors act much the same as spark plugs, for they safely conduct high voltages through the narrow openings of the circuit breakers and transformers.

On this rack, in inverted position, they are subjected to a vacuum which removes 99.99 per cent of the air inside the porcelain jacket, which is then filled with a special oil.

The oil is introduced under pressure, so as to fill up all the spaces formerly occupied by the air.

The condenser bushing is then permanently sealed against air, moisture and sunlight. 

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National Museum of American History


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