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1942 - sleet storms and 20-below-zero; a parka-garbed workman prepares an oil circuit breaker


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Electric Circuits, Breakers

March 30, 1942

Sleet storms and 20-below-zero temperatures are produced the year round to test electric power-line switches in this giant refrigerator at the Westinghouse East Pittsburgh Works.

Here a parka-garbed workman prepares an oil circuit breaker, or powerline guardian, for a high-voltage test.

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Man-Made Winter Gives Switch a Test Westinghouse Cold Laboratory:

To make certain that electric power equipment will operate efficiently even in Arctic weather, engineers at the Westinghouse East Pittsburgh Works test it at 20 below zero in a room-sized refrigerator.

Though encrusted with ice, this power line control switch handles 100,000 volts with ease. 

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