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1938 - safe-flex rubber bladed electric fan


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Electric Fans

April 4, 1938  

10 inch oscillating model

The Safe-flex rubber bladed electric fan, which has met with nation wide approval for home and office use, has just been accepted by the Western Electric Company.

The newest adaptation is a special telephone booth model.

This Western Electric approval provides for optional installation of Safe-flex fans in booths manufactured by it for the operating companies of the Bell Telephone System or in booths already in service.

Patent rights to the manufacture of these rubber bladed fans are held by the Samson United Corporation, Rochester, N.Y.

Principle advantage of these rubber bladed fans is their silent performance.

Whirling metal bladed fans are noisy, while Safe-flex fans run in hushed silence.

With the installation of the Samson Safe-flex rubber bladed fans in the telephone booth, the person making the call is kept refreshingly cool and comfortable without detracting from his ability to hear and be heard.

At the same time the flexible rubber blades are so safe, they couldn't hurt a baby's finger. 

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