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1941 - high-powered birdseye floodlight concentrator


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October 28, 1941

Electric Flood Lighting

A new-type concentrating floodlite bulb designed for high bay lighting in industrial plants, auditoriums and stores with high ceilings especially, has just been developed in the Birdseye Division of Wabash Appliance Corporation,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

The new Birdseye bulb is said to deliver a concentrated flood of light that cuts through distance, haze and smoke to provide brilliant illumination even in foundries and factories where high ceilings and traveling cranes or other obstructions make impractical the installation of lights closer to the work plane.

The new bulb is designed especially to force down to the work plane level the full light that the filament develops.

The filament is mounted at the exact focal point of the hump-shaped parabola of the bulb, so that light rays are forced straight out of the bulb without waste.

The inside of the bulb is lined with pure polished silver to form a permanently brilliant reflector that cannot be dimmed by dirt, fumes or smoke. The 1500 watt industrial size is illustrated.

Twelve smaller sizes are available.

Electrical energy is obtained from a 10 KW generator, mounted in the chassis and driven from a transmission by means of a propeller shaft with universal joints.

The voltage on this generator is kept constant from no-load to full-load through the combined use of a voltage regulator and engine governor.

The governor my be disengaged when the truck is being driven long the road. 

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Wabash Appliance Corporation

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