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1943 - salvaged solder drosses are being remelted for the purpose of reclaiming their tin content


CD1963 E&MP19.008

Electric Furnaces

February 28, 1943

Salvaged solder drosses are being remelted at one of General Electric's Massachusetts plants for the purpose of reclaiming their tin content.

Although the drosses show little signs of containing tin, a [sic] sizeable amount is reclaimed when they are remelted in this bottom-pour, electrically heated furnace.

Because of the present scarcity of tin, solder, which formerly consisted of approximately equal parts of tin and lead, has now been replaced by compositions containing no more than 30 percent tin and in many instances by alloys of about 20 percent tin and 80 percent lead, or even of lower tin content. 

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General Electric

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