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1932 - Sylvia Puckett using a huge generator stator as a frame demonstrates the massive size by comparrison


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Electric Generators

June 4, 1932

Massive machines and dainty maids seem to have little in common but they can be harmonized.

Sylvia Puckett proves it by using a huge generator stator as a frame.

Incidentally, when the steam turbine generator is completed by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, it will be the biggest thing of its kind ever built with internal ventilating blowers. It is rated at 83,300 kilovolt [sic] ampers, 1800 revolutions per minute. Double windings in the stator increase stability because they may be loaded in dependently.

If a short circuit causes one to fail, the other will carry on. The generator is being built for a large eastern utility and will do the usual central station work of supplying electricity for all types of industrial, domestic and municipal service. 

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