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E&MP 23.004
Electric Insulating and Insulators
no date
PHOTO ID # 4666
no date - insulator-Boulder Dam
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September 5, 2008
What are those 2 cloth-like ribbons on either side of the tower for???
David Kantor, Subscriber - Crown Jewels of the Wire
September 3, 2008
I am guessing that it is a 230 KV lightning arrestor setup.
Ken Klein, Subscriber - Crown Jewels of the Wire
August 31, 2008
My [guess] is that they had just completed electrical testing and are inspecting the insulators for obvious signs of failure.

It would make sense that the ladder be of wood as opposed to metal - less chance of high-voltage electricity to be drawn to it while the apparatus was energized.

I would also assume that before the equipment was energized, all the workers would have retreated to a 'safe' portion of the room - likely behind a screened enclosure (it would appear that one may be visible near the right side of the close-up [select the image above for a larger view] )

I would also have to assume the two 'drapes' are actually a 'ground' type electrode of wire mesh to draw any inevitable arcs or 'streamers' safely to ground.

David Dahle, Subscriber - Crown Jewels of the Wire

Also found associated with this photograph “Baptism of Fire”

023.004 Science Service - Insulators being tested under high voltage at the manufacturing plant of the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company at Derry, PA.

no date - Baptism of Fire - 

insulators under high voltage


1997.3001.004 - Science Projects
A Taxonomy of Images
International Center for Photography
March 28 thru June 22, 1997
NEW YORK - exhibited by Charles Stainback

reference: Science News VOL. 151 March 15. 1997 pp.165-167 and the cover

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National Museum of American History


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