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1946 - Glo-Ball fluorescent nursery lamp allows just enough light at night without disturbing the child


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Electric Lamps

August 31, 1946

The new Glo-Ball fluorescent nursery lamp, placed on a table of dresser, gives a soft glow which allows just enough light for adjusting covers or checking windows at night without disturbing the child.

Available in a bear-shaped design as well as the kitten shown here, both lamps come in pink, blue and ivory colors with either yellow, coral or blue pastel color fluorescent bulbs.

The lamps, which have been announced by Gibson Products Company and Sylvania Electric Products Inc., are made of a zinc alloy coated with baked enamel, and are both unbreakable and chipproof. They retail for around $5.00 and can be kept burning ten hours a night at a cost of only two cents a month.

Because of their soft, virtually glarefree qualities, and pastel colors these five-watt fluorescent bulbs, which are the same type bulbs that were introduced for last year's Christmas trees, give enough light for parents to see into a child's room at night without disturbing the child.

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