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1950 - bingo technique to aim the new floodlights just installed in Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium


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Electric Light

April 17, 1950

Lighting engineers of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation have adapted a “bingo” technique to aim the new floodlights just installed in Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium.

Numbered disks, a few of which can be seen here on the right field grass, are placed in a definite pattern. Each of the field’s 1,318 floodlights is individually aimed at a disk.

In the foreground, Bill Johnson, electrician of the Harlan Electric Company, which is installing the Westinghouse lights, adjusts one of the new units on a tower high above right field.

On the field below, Walter Werner, Westinghouse lighting engineer, waits to move the disks to a new location. Individual aiming of the 1500-watt floodlights assures maximum lighting efficiency and minimizes troublesome glare and shadows.

The new installation, which will virtually double the former illumination on the field, was designed by the Osborn Engineering Company for the Cleveland Baseball Club. This field, where the Cleveland Indians will play 24 night games this season, is the seventh major league park to be lighted by Westinghouse.

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