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1942 - engineers have placed copper spikes atop this stack which literally serve to attract lightning


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Electric Lightning

October 1942

Thirty feet higher than the famous Washington Monument is this 585-foot brick smelter stack of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company at Anaconda, Mont.

And atop this stack, engineers have placed copper spikes which literally serve to attract lightning, so that they can "pipe" the bolts to ground on twin copper cables, and measure the intensity and duration of direct strokes by a recording device known as a fulchronograph.

Studies underway at Anaconda are part of a nation-wide investigation being sponsored by the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. Cooperating in Montana are The Montana Power Company and the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.

Westinghouse engineers expect such studies to point the way toward improvement of devices which protect power lines and electrical apparatus from lightning damage 

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National Museum of American History


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