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1947 - finishing touches on a submersible motor for a paper mill


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Electric Motors

May 16, 1947

Finishing touches on a "submersible" motor for a paper mill, specially designed by General Electric for the Crown Zellerbach Company's West Linn, Oregon, plant, are made by G-E workmen.

Designed to "hibernate" under flood waters of the Willamette River, the special motors will be waterproof enclosed. Six of these 2,300 horsepower synchronous motors, the only machines of their kind ever built by G.E., will power wood-pulp grinders making 72 tons of pulp daily.

Different from standard motors of this type, the new motors will be made in a sealed package with the bearings and bearing pedestals inside the motor frames. When the river rises with the spring thaw, as much as 40 feet, the mill's grinding machinery is sometimes submerged and operations cease.

However, no damage will be done to the motors, which will again go into operation when the waters subside. 

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