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1949 - view of the Enchanet dam from upstream showing the rock in which the dam is anchored


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Electric Power Plants

September 30, 1949

View of the Enchanet (Massif Central) dam from upstream showing the rock in which the dam is anchored.

The coffer-dam, used to keep the base of the main dam dry during construction, is shown in the foreground.

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Another view of the power station being built at the base of the Chastang Dam in the “Massif Central.”

This closeup of a turbine emplacement shows the conque-shell casing in which the jet of falling water will be narrowed and its power increased as it strikes the turbine.

In Europe the Marshall Plan nations are doubling the supply of electric power which they had at the close of the war.

The ECA is supplying $550,000,000 in direct aid toward the total cost, equivalent to 12 billion dollars.

Counterpart funds will more than double the direct aid. France, which is building many a dam like this beautiful structure at Chastang, in the Massif Central, has already allocated the equivalent of more than $600,000,000 in counterpart funds to expand its power potential.

Here is a giant dam in France’s “Massif Central,” in the midst of construction.

At the top of the photo rises a forest of wooden framework which will soon receive its stone and concrete. In the belly of the dam, at the base of the photo, can be seen the circular emplacements which will receive the giant turbines.

Undershot by huge jets of water piped in from above, the turbine will run the generators which will make the power.

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