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1928 - Thyrite lightning arrester for protection of transmission lines


E&MP 40.008

Electric Transformers

ca. 1928

OUTDOOR TRANSFORMER - -TYPE WCT-25-83333-24500Y-HDDP outdoor transformer for Buffallo General Electric Co., Buffallo NY

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Additional Information:

1930 ""Thyrite" lightning arrester for protection of transmission lines. Courtesy GE

General Electric Company. Transformer Connections, including Auto-transformer Connections. GET-2A. Schenectady, NY: General Electrical Company, August 1930. Volume contains reprint of article "Plant Electric Systems: The Meaning Behind Transformer Nameplates," by Robert L. Smith Jr., General Electric Company, from Power, February 1975.

Courtesy: IEEE History Center: Ellenberger Collection


National Museum of American History


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