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1931 - LIGHTNING PROOF TRANSFORMERS the new transmission line from the Safe Harbor Generating Station


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Electric Transformers

November 27, 1931

The first large transformers of a new lightning-proof construction for the Consolidated Gas Electric Light and Power Company of Baltimore have been built by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company for installation at the Baltimore end of the new transmission line from the Safe Harbor Generating Station.

Tests proved that these transformers would withstand severe surges incident to a direct stroke of lightning to the transmission line close to the transformers.

These tests were made with a 3-1/2 million volt lightning generator, capable of producing lightning surges fully representative of the most violent surges produced by real natural lightning. Prominent engineers witnessed the tests, saw these transformers successfully withstand repeated strokes of artificial lightning, and felt that the electrical profession had taken another step in the efforts to eliminate service interruption and destruction of equipment due t lightning.

(Caption for Illustration:42000 Kv-a Lightning-Proof Transformer for the Consolidated Gas Electric Light & Power Company of Baltimore. Note to Editor [SCIENCE SERVICE] :Photograph or an electrotype will be supplied upon request. (No. SH-2476) )

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