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1957 - TACAN [TACtical Air Navigation] units are checked in new Electronics Center of Stromberg-Carlson, a division of General Dynamics Corporation




June 6, 1957

TACAN [TACtical Air Navigation] units are checked in new Electronics Center of Stromberg-Carlson, a division of General Dynamics Corporation. This airborne navigation interrogator-responder is in quantity production at Electronics Center. Recently a new five-million-dollar contract was received for ship and shore installations which will be used with TACAN.


A new ultra-modern Administration Building and the recently purchased Electronics Center will be opened formally June 11 by Stromberg-Carlson, a division of General Dynamics Corporation.

The new facilities provide the company with more than one million square feet of additional space for its rapidly expanding telecommunication and electronics business. Stromberg-Carlson is now the second largest industry in Rochester, employing about 8,000 persons.

Attending the official opening will be Frank Pace, Jr., President of General Dynamics Corporation, Earl D. Johnson, Executive Vice President, and other top officers of the Corporation. They will participate with Robert C. Tait, President of Stromberg-Carlson, in a morning press conference and will meet Rochester industrial and civic leaders and top military officials and other out-of-town guests in the afternoon.

The formal opening will mark completion of a five-million-dollar expansion program at the Main Plant on Carlson Road. This project adds more than a quarter of a million square feet of floor space to the firm's office and telecommunication manufacturing facilities.

Another 800,000 square feet were added late last year by the purchase of the Style Manor plant of Bond Stores, Inc., on Goodman Street North. This plant has been named "Electronics Center" and is now headquarters for the company's Electronics Division. Located in a campus-like area, Electronics Center also houses the Research and Advanced Development Department of Stromberg-Carlson.

Manufacturing facilities at the Carlson Road plant are now exclusively devoted to the production of telecommunication products. The firm's Special Products Division, producer of school sound systems, "Custom Four Hundred" high fidelity radio-phonographs, "Flemish Master" carillons, and specialized products for the government, located in a third Stromberg-Carlson plant on University Avenue, will move its operations to Electronics Center in the near future.

Stromberg-Carlson also operates two plants in San Diego, California, and a wholly-owned affiliate, Electronic Control Systems, in Los Angeles, California.

The addition to the main Plant is a two-story structure of brick, steel and reinforced concrete. It is divided into two main sections: (1) The air-conditioned Administration Building, providing more than 160,000 square feet of space for executive and general offices, a kitchen and large cafeteria section, and an executive dining room: and (2) a factory building, providing 110,000 square feet for enlarged Telecommunication production facilities.

Electronics Center, built in 1948-49 on a 57 1/2 acre site in the northeast section of the city, provides large open areas, particularly well-suited to electronics manufacturing. The building contains a large, airy cafeteria, with modern kitchen equipment, and a completely up-to-date medical department. About 35,000 square feet of the plant is air conditioned.

With the opening of these new facilities, Stromberg-Carlson will more than double the size of its Rochester plants and will have the most modern telecommunication and electronics buildings in the country.

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