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1946 - Captain Harry Manning will use Raytheon's Mariners Pathfinder radar to help guide the SS. AMERICA into port


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November 27, 1946

When the SS. AMERICA arrives in New York on Friday, November 29, from her maiden voyage to Europe, the "Queen of the American Merchant Marine" will use Raytheon's Mariners Pathfinder radar to help guide her into port.

The AMERICA is the largest liner ever built in this country and is one of 20 ships of the United States Lines being equipped with Mariners Pathfinder radar.

In addition to the AMERICA installations have already been made on the AMERICAN FORWARDER, AMERICAN MERCHANT and SS. ONWARD.

Mariners Pathfinder radar will be installed on the other 16 ships as they reach port.

Altogether they comprise the largest fleet of commercial vessels yet to be equipped with radar.

Captain Harry Manning, commodore of the United States Lines fleet, is master of the AMERICA, James A.F. Knowlton is executive officer and second officer Richard Ridington is navigator.

The main radar indicator is located in the wheelhouse and a remote indicator is in the chart room, where the course of the vessel is mapped.

Both indicators carry identical 'scopes showing the position of the ship as well as other vessels and objects within range of the equipment. The radar antenna is on the foremast, above the crow's nest. 

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