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about 1966 - a picosecond pulse of laser light


CD 1967052 E&MP69.001


about 1966

One of the fastest events yet photographed - a picosecond pulse of laser light - is shown above. The photographic technique was described recently by researchers at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Typical tracks and the corresponding photodensitometer traces indicate relative bright and dark areas on the photo.

The fluorescing spot, indicating the overlap of 0.53 micron and 1.05 micron wave-length pulses, is seen near the right end of each photo.

The background trace on (a) was produced by the 0.53 micron pulse alone.

In (b) the intensity of the 0.53 micron pulse was decreased and the intensity of the 1.06 micron pulse was proportionately increased so that the background trace disappeared.

The fluorescing spot is clearly visible. 

Original Caption by Science Service
Bell Telephone Laboratories

National Museum of American History


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