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1933 -patient under local anesthetic is calmed by music through ear-phones


E&MP 93.001


August 1933

Photo of an operation at the Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital.

Changing the record during a pause in the operation - never before published.

Published as an illustration from "Music Aids the Anesthetist" in the August 1933 Scientific American

Original Caption by Science Service
© Blanche Rotolo, Brooklyn Eye And Ear Hospital

Additional Information:

[A. Frederick] Erdmann, M.D. (1867-1953), Anesthesiologist and American Society of Anesthesiologists’s Founder. (unmasked and standing): "A patient under local anesthetic is calmed by music through ear-phones” (far left). Scientific American, 1933. Erdmann fearlessly wrestled down combative patients to etherize them (left).

Courtesy ASA http://www.asahq.org

National Museum of American History


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