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This so-called Silent Gramophone is the ordinary turntable unit modified for me in these following particulars: the pickup is electrically controlled on an a.c. current; there are no tubes of any kind; the ear-pieces are those used in telephones; instead of an amplification of sound there is diminished volume; there is a device to control the volume; it is geared for both short and long records; it will plug into a lamp or wall outlet with any length of cable, and can be located any distance from the recipient; the ear-phones may be applied to the head or laid under a pillow; there is a separate receiver for anesthetist.

Compared with the radio this instrument will furnish any selected music at any selected time. Compared with the ordinary phonograph this one limits the sound to the person, or several, directly connected with it by the ear-phones.

A selected sound at the selected time for a selected person.

There is no need to amplify this statement nor burden you with the details of the procedure.

You will be interested to learn that lay-journals have given quite some publicity to it.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle gave over a page in a recent magazine section; it has been broadcast over a nation-wide hookup through WABC;

The Scientific American published an illustrated article; Popular Science contained a picture; Science Service and Medical Economics have asked for illustrations and articles.

All this since the N.Y.Times reported my first presentation to the N.Y.Societ[sic] of Anesthetists last December.

The instrument I present to you is the property of the Graybar Electric Company who have developed it upon the suggestions of Mr.T.I.Rogers of the A.T.and T. whose help has been invaluable.

I am thinking that you will find some value in the Silent Phonograph.

The time allotted me entirely by the courtesy of Dr.McMechan, for which I am grateful, as every interposter must be, permits me to add only that I am at your service at the close of the session to answer your questions.

P.S. There were many questions asked and much understanding appreciation expressed by my fellow anesthetists.

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