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Sidney Cooper(center), Jordan Prince (left), and Walter Kublin (right) demonstrate voice transmission apparatus


E&MP 94.003

Photo Electric Cells

May 28 [no year]

Three members of Experimental Electronics Society demonstrate voice transmission apparatus, at joint meeting of American Institute Science and Engineering Clubs and New York Electrical Society May 28.

Sidney Cooper, center, 17-year-old student in Stuyvesant High School, New York City, speaks into microphone.

His voice modulates light beam of flash light held by Jordan Prince, 15, student at College of City of New York.

Photoelectric cell at right transforms beam into sound heard by Walter Kublin, 16, also a City College student.

Research of their Society is carried on in Science Laboratory, situated at 310 Fifth Avenue in quarters provided by International Business Machines Corporation. New York and national programs of Science and Engineering Clubs are sponsored by Westinghouse.

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