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E&MP 95.013

Photo Electric Cells

1929 - Large photoelectric cell used in original television demonstrations

May 27, 1929


As requested in your telegram of Saturday, I am sending you, herewith, three [total of five outlined in Findley's correspondance] photographs showing various photoelectric cells.

The captions of these are as follows:

22542 - Photoelectric cell used in picture transmission.
[ E&MP 95.010]

28316 - Large photoelectric cell used in original television demonstrations.
[E&MP 95.013]

28825 - Television transmitting apparatus with covers removed showing three of the large photoelectric cells. This system employs beam scanning.
[E&MP 95.012]

33054 - Photoelectric cell used in a more recent type of television system and also for reproducing sound from film records in the sound picture system.
[E&MP 95.011]

32871 - A close-up of the experimental amplifier in the direct scanning method of television. The photoelectric cell is seen at the upper right hand corner inside the box. At its left, in their lead jackets are the first three vacuum tubes of the amplifier.
[E&MP 95.009]

Very truly yours,

/s/ Paul B. Findley MANAGING EDITOR

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