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1934 - PICTURES BY RADIO - Editorial comment from Electronics - Copied on standard typewriter and transmitted by Facsimile


E&MP 96.014


September 19, 1934

Much of this work has been carried out on time that belonged to the members personally and not to the companies they represented; time in which they would rather be doing something else.

Much of it is dull work, repaying the members only by providing opportunity for association with other engineers.

In an industry, dependent for progress solely upon its technicians, the labors of this Section should be more openly and vocally appreciated.

The changing membership deserves commendation, especially Chairman Graham, who has given much of his time and energy to all of the technical committees making up the Standards Section.

In all RMA there is no more worth-while work being done.

**** Editorial comment from "Electronics". Copied on standard typewriter and transmitted by Facsimile. RCA Victor Company, Inc. September 19, 1934.

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