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June - October 1962

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Lt. Gen. Robert M. Lee

A native of Maine and 1931 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, Gen. Lee has had a varied career, including World War II service with the Ninth Air Force in Europe, commander of the Tactical Air Command, head of the Air Task Group for 1951 atomic tests, Director of Plans at USAF headquarters, commander of the largest tactical air force in NATO -- the 4th Allied Tactical Air Force and the U.S. Twelfth Air Force in Europe - and Chief of Staff, UN Command and U.S. Forces, Korea. Gen. Lee became the ADC Commander on March 1, 1961.


"... We seek and enemy kill as far from our shores as possible, and as close to the launch area of both his manned and unmanned weapons as we can get... This fact explains not only the type of weapons we have, but also the even faster, longer range types we are trying to obtain..."

"... Both deterrence of war and national survival in the event of war are to a considerable extent dependent on our aerospace defense capability ... Credible deterrence arises from the combined capability of our offensive and defensive forces to destroy the attacking forces ..."

"... Civil Defense and military aerospace defense are complementary components of what it takes to survive should deterrence fail. Civil defense is digging the cellar; aerospace defense is building the roof ..."

Lt. Gen. Robert M. Lee

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