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1962 - AIR DEFENSE COMMAND -  dimensions of the air defense have expanded to include all of 
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E&MP 103.010m


June - October 1962

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Aerospace defense can never stand still, but must continually measure its existing capabilities against the growing power of any potential aggressor.

The effectiveness of today's weapons against today's threat has been proven - constant ADC and NORAD exercises, realistic in every detail, confirm the fact that the air-breathing aircraft and missiles which an enemy could send against us today would be forced to run a formidable gauntlet of defense-in-depth.

This threat will be with us far into the future, and can be met as long as the speed and effectiveness of defense weapons keeps pace with increasing enemy capabilities.

In the future, ADC must be prepared and equipped to oppose a "mixed force" - not the air-breathing threat but also ballistic missiles.

ADC, with vast experience in aerospace defense and faith in the abilities and accomplishments of Americans - alert, informed and aroused - looks confidently to the future.

Photo caption upper left:
The dimensions of the air defense have expanded to include all of space.

Photo caption lower left:
All objects in space must now be detected, identified and tracked.

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