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no date - scanning the surrounding waters with its pencil-sharp radar beam on the SS DROTTTNINGHOLM


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Radar - equipment

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Continually scanning the surrounding waters with its pencil-sharp radar beam, this antenna, part of Raytheon's Mariner Pathfinder installation on the SS DROTTTNINGHOLM, is perched on top of the foremast 103' above the deck.

Completely in the clear, it provides 360 degrees scanning free from interference.

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Additional Information

RMS Virginian was a steam turbine powered transatlantic ocean liner, launched in 1904 for the Allan Line. She operated from 1920 to 1948 for the Swedish American Line as SS Drottningholm.

The S/S Drottningholm, (ex Virginian) was built in 1905 by A. Stephen & Sons in Glasgow for the Allan Line. She was 11,182 tons gross, 6,546 under deck and 6,832 net. The poop was 70 feet long, bridge deck 210 feet and the house on deck was 1,269 tons. The forecastle 113 feet long. She was constructed in steel and had 3 decks. She was fitted for oil fuel and equipped with electric light, refrigerating machinery, submarine signaling device and wireless. Propulsion: single reduction geared steam turbines, and she had triple screws. The engine was built by A/B DeLavals Angturbin in Stockholm. Call sign: KCMH. Official registration #: 6277. Port of registry: Gothenburg.

Courtesy: Lloyd's registry of shipping, subm. Gilbert Provost

National Museum of American History


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