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1947 - Filmgraph Model HK permanent Recorder and Instantaneous Reproducer


CD 1967072 E&MP118.001

Recording Instruments

August 4, 1947

The world's largest record on a single reel of 16mm, Safety Film, 300 hours of permanent recording. Over 2 million words. Automatic continuous recording of two-way Telephone conversations, hearings, conferences, interviews, reports, personal and piped dictation by Remote Control.

Filmgraph Model "HK" permanent Recorder and Instantaneous Reproducer employs 2 reels 16mm. Size 14" in Diameter.

Capacity up to 5000' of M2 Film on which 100 Sound tracks are put across the width of the film.

Each sound track has continuity up to 3 hours.

Selection of recording for playback is facilitated by Track and Zone (footage) indicators.

Machine starts recording automatically the instance the Telephone Bell (when used with Miles Telemike Inductor) starts ringing or as soon as sound is picked up by the microphone.

Ideal for long time recording of any voice programs, volume dictation, interviews, piped dictation, telephone recordings, hearings, etc.

A single machine can serve an entire organization by Remote Control.

Film may be spliced with Motion Picture Cement or Scotch Tape. Same machine records and reproduces. Extra Transcribers may be had, if desired.

Instantaneous and permanent play-back may be had through private or personal Earphones, "soft" or Auditorium type Loud Speaker.

The following provisions are incorporated with each unit and/or can be had:
  • LElectric Fast Rewind (approximately 2 minutes)

  • Slow-down, Start-Stop by hand, foot, Remote or Voice Control

  • Secretary-calling during recording periods

  • Monitoring during recording

  • Neon Volume Level Indicator

  • Volume regulation from a whisper to a roar

  • "Soundtrap" to pick up sounds at greater distance from microphone

  • More than a single microphone may be used

  • Start-Stop from another room or floor, Telephone-Mike Selector switch

  • Error Correction

  • Public Address Connection with or without recording

  • Unit is portable and weighs 30 lbs


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