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1933 - anti-aircraft searchlights producing about 800,000,000 beam candlepower (largest in the world)


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November 22, 1933

The Army Engineers today announced the awarding of a contract to the Sperry Gyroscope Company, Brooklyn, New York, amounting to $2,015,900 for 104 sixty inch high intensity anti-aircraft searchlights.

61 of these lights will be of the portable type and 43 of the mobile type. These searchlights are of very high powered type producing about 800,000,000 beam candlepower (largest in the world).

The beam of these lights is visible for as much as 100 miles. They will be used to supplement the present very limited number of anti-aircraft lights possessed by the United States Army.

The funds for this contract, awarded the Sperry Gyroscope Company, are part of the National Recovery program and are released by the Public Works Administration.

It is estimated that this contract will mean the employment of over 1,000 men for a period of 15 months, including the work to be carried on by some 72 sub-contractors who will furnish parts to the Sperry Company for use in the assembly of the searchlights.

The distribution of work and its consequent effect on reemployment due to the awarding of this contract may be gauged by the fact that the manufacture of parts will be carried on in some 16 states.

The purchase of these searchlights is an important step in the modernization of the equipment of our Army.  

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