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no date - Republican Convention & the Lois-Walcott fight broadcast over an estimated area of 525 miles diameter covering nine states




June 23, no year

Zanesville, Ohio, June 23 - Television broadcasts of the Republican Convention beamed the world's first Stratovision airborne station to this rural community tonight make technically possible coast-to-coast television and frequency modulation broadcasting even to remote and isolated farm homes. Stratovision - a joint development of Westinghouse and the Glenn L. Martin Company - successfully rebroadcast from the east coast television network the Convention and Lois-Walcott fight over an estimated area of 525 miles diameter covering nine states.

In the network system, illustrated, programs originated in ground studios are beamed to the planes which relay it (dotted lines) from plane to plane. Meanwhile each plane in the network would receive and broadcast nine simultaneously available programs in an area of about 500 miles diameter (shaded circles).

Original Caption by Science Service
Glenn L. Martin Company & Westinghouse Electric Corporation

National Museum of American History


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