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1944 - on which the classic message, What Hath God Wrought was received on May 24, 1844




November 22, 1944

One of Cornell University's most prized possessions, the first telegraph instrument on which the classic message, "What Hath God Wrought", was received on May 24, 1844 has arrived in Washington where it will again function as part of the dinner program at the "patented" banquet climaxing the Centennial Celebration of the American Patent System, Monday, November 23.

Reenacting the original historic occasion Mr. R.B. White, president of the Western Union telegraph Co. - - and an old time Morse operator - - will click off the message from the original B&O station in Baltimore, Md. To be received on the Morse instrument in the banquet hall by Dr. C.F. Kettering, chairman of the national committee of the patent centennial. Shown above: close-up of the historic Morse receiver.

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