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We formally acknowledge the imagination, dedication and perseverance of the interns, volunteers and staff who mounted this daunting task.

It is with their energy and drive this subject selection of the Science Service Historical Image Collection is brought from the depths of the Museum to the surface of the Internet.

in alphabetical order ...

  • David K. Allison, Curator, Information Technology & Society 1996
    Smithsonian Institution

  • Dr. Allison has contributed his support and encouragement in salvaging the collection. It was his initial contribution to provide funding for a sampling of the first 600 images, which we have presented.

  • Marie-Christine Arends, Volunteer/Intern 2008
    Sebastian-Münster-Gymnasium - Ingelheim, Germany.
    Ms. Arends continues the ongoing efforts by scanning 100s more of the morgue images to be available for e-information on this site, too and including high resolution images upon request.

  • Nance L. Briscoe, Associate Curator, ITS, Electricity Collections 1985
    Smithsonian Institution

  • Mrs. Briscoe is the catalyst for this collection. Locating it in 1985 and salvaging the images was a "side venture" not defined as typical duties. Over the years she has brought the collection to the Internet and continues as the website's Webmaster.

  • Bailey M. Ball, Intern, 2006
    University of Maryland, College Park (BA History) & Baltimore County (MA Historical Studies)

  • Ms. Ball continues the ongoing efforts documenting & scanning the histories of each morgue image to be available for e-information onsite.

  • Christine DePaola, Intern 1991
    University of California at Riverside

  • Ms. DePaola provided a physical alphabetical listing of the images represented in this collection. Her main goal was to rehouse the collection and recall the locations. She went on to be a teacher for disabled children.

  • Robert DePaola, II, Intern 1999
    Canyon High School, California

  • Mr. DePaola complimented our web site with javascript (information in the status bar of the browser) and targeted footnotes.

  • Clare Frost, Volunteer/Intern 2002
    James Madison High School Senior - Virginia.

  • Re-housing images, continuing research on fuel cells, satellites, light bulbs and a variety of radio tubes represented within this collection.

  • David C. Georgen, Intern 1998-99
    Marshall High School, Virginia - University of Virginia

  • Using experience gained from high school, Mr. Georgen dramatically improved the current framework and layout of this site. His designer perspective and coding expertise has been invaluable to this project. Later obtaining his degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia

  • Lt. Matthew Hamilton, Volunteer 1998
    United States Navy

  • Lt. Hamilton had the task of arranging a digital file system regarding the location and identification of the image collection. He was also instrumental in laying out early iterations of the web site.

  • Gary Horton, Volunteer 2006
    University of Delaware - Bachelor of Arts Political Science 1964
    Mr. Horton continues the ongoing effort via telecommuting by managing the image scans and literally transcribing Science Service captions.

  • Frank H. Jaeger, Volunteer 1999
    Stevens Institute of Technology, Master of Science - Metallurgy

  • Mr. Jaeger has the task of scanning original issues within the Science Service Collection from 1926 in the museum's Digilab.

  • Lance Miller, Intern 1998
    El Paso High School, Texas - University of Texas

  • Mr. Miller complimented his own skills and promoted our work with imagination. He has gone on to obtaining his degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

  • Sherman L. Naidorf, Volunteer 1999
    University of Missouri, 1952 - Bachelor of Science Business Public Administration

  • Mr. Naidorf provides additional material we locate through research to enhance the collection's documentation.

  • Dave Rabinowitz, Volunteer 1999
    Oregon State University - Ph.D.; ECE; Hewlett-Packard

  • Mr. Rabinowitz provided custom software programming and instruction in code, while preserving the original organization of the Science Service morgue files & images in a database.

  • Lori Waters, Intern 1996-1997
    University of Texas at Austin

  • Ms. Waters had the task of typing the text captions of greater than 3,000 images. She was energized by the production of the presentation of this collection and we were awed by her ability to literally burn keyboards.

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