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David J. Rhees, Chapel Hill - 1979
Please consult the author for permission to republish any part of the thesis., 1979


The author wishes to express his appreciation to the Smithsonian Institution for a Short-Term Visitor Grant to use the extensive collection of Science Service records at the Smithsonian Archives; thanks are also due to the staff of the Archives for their kind assistance. Especially helpful was the staff of Science Service, particularly Mr. E. G. Sherburne and Mrs. Dorothy Schriver, who kindly permitted me access to the Corporate Records of Science Service. To my adviser, Professor Michael R. McVaugh, I would like to express my gratitude for his patience, understanding, and constructively critical eye. And finally to my wife, Nancy, who suffered through each paragraph along with me, I acknowledge a debt, an appreciation, that extends beyond any words at my command.

Copyright David J. Rhees, 1979
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